Say adios to steep discounts & single-visit customers. 


Why Slay?

Increase monthly revenue

Get more bookings. We help you fill your vacancies and pay you for every appointment. By only offering a limited menu of services, Slay helps you upsell Slay customers on other, higher-margin services.

Grow your customer list

Show off your space & services to a new and engaged audience of beauty service addicts.

No fees, no hassle

There are absolutely no fees associated with partnering with Slay. We seamlessly integrate with your current operations by making appointment confirmations over the phone. 

Gain visibility

Get featured in Slay's marketing efforts including promotional events, social media influencers, and a growing, targeted presence on Facebook and Instagram. 


how it works

Determine payout pricing

We negotiate a unique discounted payout price for each service. The discounts requested are about half of those taken by sites like Groupon.

Share your schedule

We connect directly to scheduling softwares like Mindbody, Booker, Phorest, and Millenium with more coming soon. Don’t use a scheduling software? We collect your service schedule and you receive automated appointment requests over the phone.

Get paid

We incur all processing fees and deposit service payouts (tips included) directly into your bank account biweekly. Plus, you'll get paid for cancellations and no-shows.


How does Slay work?

Slay’s app allows users to find and book appointments at nearby salons with a monthly subscription. These subscribers pay Slay a monthly fee in exchange for credits that can be used to book services at partner salons. Following each appointment, users are required to leave a tip (mandatory 15% or more on retail price) and review their service on the app.

How does Slay work for partner salons?

Slay negotiates a unique payout price with each partner salon for each of the services offered on Slay’s platform and pays salons based on the number of services performed. Slay makes a biweekly (every other Friday) direct deposit into your salon’s bank account that includes service payouts and tips. Slay also sends a report that tracks all transaction details including technicians, commissions, and tips.

Are there any costs salons should be aware of?

No! There are no onboarding fees, maintenance, payment processing fees or any other fees associated with Slay’s salon partnership.

What services can I offer on Slay?

Currently, Slay offers the following salon services to users: Regular Manicures, Gel Manicures, Regular Pedicures, Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow Threading, Brazillian Waxing, Blowouts, and Massages. We are always working on adding more services as our business grows.

How will Slay help salons grow their businesses?

Slay allows its partners to show off their spaces and services to a new and engaged audience of beauty service addicts who are apt to become regular, long term clients. By only offering a limited menu of services, Slay encourages salons to upsell Slay customers on other, higher-margin services.

What if a Slay client wants to add or change services at the salon?

They absolutely can! Any service add-ons, additions or upgrades are between the salon and the Slay client at your retail prices, unless the client books the additional service via the Slay app.

How does Slay integrate with my existing booking platform?

At the moment, we do not integrate with other booking platforms. However, we would be happy to chat with you about the possibility of building out the integration with your current booking platform.

What if I no longer want to work with Slay?

If at any point you decide you no longer want to work with us, we require a 30-day written notice.

How do I share my schedule availability with Slay?

Upon partnering with Slay, we connect directly to your scheduling software if you use Mindbody, Booker, Phorest, or Millennium. Don't use one of these? Let us know and we'll work on connecting to your platform ASAP! Don't use a scheduling platform? Our team collects your salon’s staffing schedule for each service offered on the Slay platform. These availabilities are posted on the Slay app where users may request appointments. Appointment requests are confirmed on the phone by the salon via an automated call. It is therefore important to ensure that your team is answering the phone in order to confirm appointments and not miss out on additional revenue!

How do I know when an appointment has been booked?

Once an appointment has been confirmed via our scheduling software integration or automated call system, you will recieve an email confirmation with all appointment logistics.

Is there a way to increase the number of bookings I get from Slay?

The majority of Slay customers are working professionals, so they prefer after work hours (after 5PM) and weekends.

How do Slay clients pay for services?

There is no money exchanged between Slay clients and salons. Instead, Slay clients tip and pay for their service via the app.

When do I recieve my payout for services?

Upon partnering with Slay, you will receive an invite to register with You will then receive biweekly payouts (every other Friday) for both tips and services rendered directly into your bank account. We will also email you a report detailing the total tip amounts due to each technician/stylist, as well as the number and type of services performed by each technician/stylist along with reviews. These analytics help you optimize your business and harness the power of data in a digestable way.

How will the Salon be notified of any cancellations for Slay clients?

If a Slay client cancels the appointment, your salon will receive an automated call and an email.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, salons receive $10 for appointments cancelled within 12 hours of the appointment time and for Slay clients that do not show up to their appointments (no-shows).