We get it.

You want the beauty services that make you feel your best, but at a lower cost. With our monthly subscription service, you get access to 15-40% off every beauty appointment booked with our premiere partnered salons.


1. Pick your beauty pass

We all pamper ourselves differently. Choose the best pass for you. Monthly memberships start at $45, no commitments and you can cancel anytime!

2. Book your appointment

Choose a service, salon and time that works for you! You can book an hour ahead when you’re on the go, or plan in advance and book up to 2 weeks before.


3. Start Slaying!

With our huge deals and perks, just walk in, let the salon know who you are, and enjoy! No need to pay on the way out, it’s all cashless and you can tip on the app!

What We Offer


Hands & Feet

Manicure: 10-15 Credits

Gel Manicure: 18-30 Credits

Pedicure: 18-24 Credits



21-33 Credits



Threading: 9-15 Credits

Waxing: 18-22 Credits



Brazilian Waxing: 30-34 Credits

Massage: 57-80 Credits



Haircut: 18-27 Credits

Hot Shave: 20-24 Credits


Our Partner Salons