A note from our Founders


As coworkers turned besties, we used to treat ourselves to mani pedis after work. Growing frustrated with the countless Yelp searches, old-school phone tag, and exorbitant costs of keeping up our beauty regimens, we knew there had to be a better way. Bringing our work experiences in the tech, startup, and non-profit industries to the fore, we built Slay's beauty membership to not only improve the experiences of users like us, but to also empower minority and female-owned small businesses.  

Raised between Jamaica, Hawaii and Miami, we grew up surrounded by diverse groups of people, teaching us that beauty comes in so many different forms. At Slay, we're dedicated to representing and serving people of all backgrounds. We’re here to democratize beauty, help you feel fierce everyday, and have fun in the process.

We can’t wait for you to #slay with us!


Kelly + Jade


Our Core Values

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